Shelly + Dave get hitched…

A few weekends ago, Shelly, one of my old college friends got married! It was a super fun wedding; with Shelly there is always a dance party! Shelly and Dave got married at Temecula Farm house which is am amazing Location…… out in the booneys, but there is so much space to work with. I knew before the wedding that Shelly had not wanted to invest in a photographer and didnt want to take time to pose for the shots. Instead she was going to rely on everyone there to take candid photos for her. So I had planned on bringing my camera to help contribute to that. At the last moment Shelly was introduced to someone who wanted to shoot it for free. Which was awesome for her. So even though i was not the official photographer i asked Shelly if it would still be ok if could get photos of her getting ready and some shots of them after the ceremony. I couldn’t pass up the awesome location and wanted to make sure my friend had some great shots!

a little tearful moment from mom….and a little homage to the past….

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